Library and Bookshop

 Kopan's extensive library is located on the top floor of the reception building. It offers a comfortable reading environment and welcomes you for serious research, study or casual browsing.  A wide range of subjects is covered, from basic Buddhist meditations and Tibetan philosophy, to advice on hoe to live your lifein a more harmonious and compassionate way. There is a section on dharma books in various languages other than english, as well as an art section.  A computer with a catalog is provided for an easy search through the titles.

A collection of audio recordings is available for listening on your mp3 or CD player.

If you are looking for special practice material or restricted files, please ask the librarian for assistance. The selection of Tibetan texts and books serves the teachers and philosophy students in our school; you are welcome to make use of it. You can take some books to your room; please register with the librarian, and leave a security deposit.  Some books (red labels) may not be removed from the library.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the reading room there.

 Books and Gifts

The book shop carries a wide range of Dharma books from all lineages. All the teachings by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Lama Yeshe, and many other lamas are available. The FPMT Practice book series is very useful for helping you to up a daily practice. 

Many of the books in the library are also available in the book and gift shop. You also can find a range of gift items such as table cloth, book covers, shawls etc and souvenirs, Dharma and other DVD (both video and audio). The book shop accepts credit card payments. 

The proceeds from the Gift Shop go towards  the expansion of  the Tibetan and English library. It helps to get new study texts and prayers printed. It also supports the acquisition of statues and thangkas for the monastery. 

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