Help us to continue our work

The preservation and flourishing of the pure teachings of the Buddha, the source of all happiness, is a high priority for all a Buddhist. The sangha is the traditional keeper of these teachings, and making offering to the sangha is an important part of maintaining and cherishing these teachings. The merit from offering to a sangha community remains as long as the sangha community exists.

There are many ways you can help Kopan in its task of taking care of the sangha community residing here. Talk to your friends about Kopan. Encourage people to come for courses; participate in our events. Letting us know that Kopan is important to you. Financial help from students and patrons that support the goals of the monastery has always been and still are essential to the survival and the development of the monastery. 

In gratitude for the help received all sponsors are included in the daily prayers of the monks and nuns. We all pray for the long and healthy life of you and your family. May there be no sickness or obstacles of any kind and may all activities be successful and blessed by the Buddhas.

How do we survive?

For more than 40 years Kopan Monastery has taken care of its ever-increasing number of monks and nuns. In 1975 only 40 monks and nuns were living here; now there is a population of 760 to feed, clothe, educate and provide with health care. The monastery has been able to do this due to the blessing of the Buddha, the untiring efforts of our teachers, and the generosity of benefactors all over the world.

The burden of looking after such a large community is quite considerable. Having taken on the commitment for this very large family, Kopan doesn't’t plan just for the next month or year. It needs to put plans into place for the future. Through the continuing support of our benefactors Kopan is continuing to be a vibrant, functioning, successful spiritual community. 

There are always challenges, such rising food prices - 15% in the past two years; the upgrading and expanding of the accommodations of the monks; more teachers are needed to keep up with the growing number of students; the maintenance of the extensive facilities is an ongoing process.

Please continue giving us your support for our work of providing a place of study and practice to young people of the Himalayan region, and to preserve the religious and cultural heritage of Tibet.

Kopan Monastery
Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa

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Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition