Kopan Hostel at Sera Monastery

The Kopan Hostel at Sera Monastic University.

Kopan Monastery is affiliated with Sera Monastic University in South India. There, more than 2,000 monks from all over India, Nepal, Tibet, even Mongolia are studying the teachings of the Buddha in depth, in an academic environment. The completion of the studies leads to the geshe degree, an equivalent to a Doctor of Divinity in a Western university.

Kopan monks that excel in their philosophy studies and are inspired to continue on the path to graduation are sent by the monastery  to the Sera Monastic university. Their home there is the Kopan Hostel where they live free of charge in a supportive environment.  They are under the guidance of a senior Kopan monk close to his geshe degree, who oversees their studies and discipline. The hostel is fully supported by Kopan monastery.

All the residents of the Kopan Hostel are intensely focused on their studies and on completing their geshe degree.

Within Sera Jhe University, Kopan monks are renowned for their diligence and intelligence and they are often placed amongst the top students in their classes. After graduation, they might continue their studies at Sera, return to their home monastic community, or serve the wider FPMT community as teachers. Eighty monks are studying there at present and already more than fifteen geshes have graduated, serving in various FPMT centers all over the world.

Gyurme Tantric College students from Kopan with Lama Zopa Rinpoche

A group of Kopan monks is studying at the Gyurmed Tantric College in South India. Several of them have already graduated and are now managing the Tantric College at Kopan or serving in other centers as ritual teachers.

Graduation as a geshe is a costly honor.

Traditionally, as a gesture of thanks and appreciation for the kindness of their teachers and the monastery, the graduating geshe will commission the printing of sutras and holy objects to be offered to the monastery as well as make cash offerings to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and food offerings to the entire community of over 2,000 monks at Sera Je monastery.


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