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Helping Families in Need


Kopan Helping Hands focuses in supporting remote villages where people are very poor and in great need of support, quite often old, with nobody to take care of them.Their chances of getting help are slim.  A lot of those villages are inaccessible in monsoon, and even in the dry season, the villages are not easy to reach: transport might be by mules or pack horses, or it might involve a long way to the closest road where trucks can deliver the goods to. For the villagers, it takes sheer hard physically work to get the food to their actual homes. With your help Kopan will continue with its food deliveries to these areas where the need is great.

As part of the Helping Hand Project, Kopan is also assisting  individuals with disabilites and special needs. Please find three stories below.


Helping a young man with septic leg to receive medical treatment Forty young nuns in remote Damo nunnery in Manang received food and warm jackets  Eight old nuns receive food and help to repairtheir damaged nunnery in the mountains
Sonam Sherpa, a young man from Solukhumbu, had a septic  and gangreous infections on his right leg. The leg had to be amputated to save his life. and he was fitten with a prostAfte his recovery he was fitted with an articial leg. These young nuns are living in this ver remote nunnery in the mountains. The head of nunnery approached the Helping Hands coordinator to ask for help with warm clothing, and they all recieved warm paded jackets, and also food aid. Eight older nuns are living in a very remote area of Manang. During the earthquake in 2015 their gompa and licing quaters were damamged and there was never enough money to do the repairs. Kopan Helping Hands has taken on the project of repairing the gompa and rooms.






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Kopan Helping Hands is the charitable organization of Kopan Monastery




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