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Monasteries and nunneries provide the best environment for the study and practice of the Buddha’s teaching. The main emphasis is on developing the mind by studying philosophy, debate, and Lam.Rim, the graded path to enlightenment. Seeing the importance of general knowledge for the monks in this modern world, Geshe Thubten Sherab, the first school principal of the new school, set up a curriculum that was more in tune with the modern world and integrated monastic principles.  Following the Universal Education principles set out by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a curriculum combining the Nepal School syllabus and Universal Education was developed.  The general school education runs concurrent with the intense philosophcal study program.

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The geshe-study program was introduced at Kopan and the Nunnery by Lama Yeshe in the 1970's and came to its fruition with the first Kopan monk receiving the Geshe Rabjam degree in 2005. Since then a number of monks have graduated and are serving their home monastery or the international community.

High quality education is a must in a modern society, but establishing and maintaining this high quality level poses a great challenge to the resources of the monastery.  More qualified teachers are needed. Competitive wages and extras, such a travel allowance, free food and paid holidays will attract more qualified and motivated teachers. Access to modern educational resources, teaching material and books need to be introduced.

Kopan's school teachers, both wordly and spiritual.

Our goal is to offer  good education on all  levels to all the monks who have dedicated their lives to the study and correct understanding of the Buddha Dharma.We need more qualified teachers for different subjects, including philosophy studies. All facilities, including education, is offered completely free of charge to all monks and nuns. To be able to continue  offering this kind of education for free, we need your help.



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  • Contribute any amount to the wages of a teacher. 
  • Set up a recurring donation for a teachers' wages.
  • Education material - 100 US$ per year supplies books, pencils, teaching material for one student.
  • Make a donation towards the Geshe Graduation expenses of a Kopan monk – any amount·        

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