School Stories

Mount Everest School publishes a school magazine every year, with articles written by teachersand students. We have the pleasure to present some of the stories written by the monks to you.


The Trip to Sakhu

Llundup Tsering class 4

After the long wait, came the joy of our trip to Sakhu. We could hardly wait for Friday when we made ourselves look good for the trip. At 9.03am we rushed to reserve our seats on the bus, and when we finally left at 9.17am some of my friends started cracking jokes, singing and some were even dancing. We were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t notice when we reached Sakhu. As we walked up the hill, we took photos of smiling friends and teachers. After climbing many stairs, we arrived at the temple gate, feeling quite tired. We saw some children climbing out of a small hole. Curiously, we asked a lama how they could fit in that small space, and he said that even a fat person with strong Dharma belief and merit, would fit. So then we asked, ‘What about people with negative actions, or sin?’ ‘They might get stuck there,’ he answered. Some of my friends who had started rushing to the hole, stopped when they heard that answer. They were scared. I didn’t believe that a fat boy like me could fit like a glove, and even the teachers were amazed. One senior monk then took the opportunity to take a group photo at the stairs. We smiled and said ‘cheese’ then returned to the bus when we drove to a large ground. We helped carry food from the bus then queued for lunch. After lunch it was time to play cricket, badminton and football. It was so much fun. Very quickly, the time came to stop. We gathered the lunch utensils and again started to crack jokes, sing and dance on the bus. At 6.17pm we reached Kopan Monastery, and went to our rooms to rest. Feeling tired, we fell asleep and missed dinner. Even now, I’m glad that I learned from the trip to Sakhu.       

A Best Friend

Lobsang Tengye class 5

A friend is like a close relation where we seem to share similar cells of our different bodies. Friendship is a great ship like The Titanic which is quite hard to break up. Every single person can have this type of relationship in their life. Each age group has their own friend for example a baby has a baby friend, young people have their own friends and old people have their old-age friends. Somebody said, “A friend is a relation who never fades away.’ I have many friends but among them I consider Lobsang as my best friend. I remember that a wise person said, “A friend is someone who stops you from committing sins.’ Therefore Lobsang is my best friend. He is very good at study and a hard worker. We teach each other to study at times and go to visit Boudha twice a month. We eat, enjoy and play together. He is always there to help me and I also help him. We follow this saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ But not all friends are good. Some are bad. We should not follow them to a dark future. One who forces you to take a wrong path is not a real friend. God sent friends as angels to help us. At every step, we feel happy with a friend but when they are not with us, we feel like our bodily organs are missing. It is best to have a number of friends so you can choose an extraordinary friend as a best friend. 

My Best Friend

Thubten Kundol class 2

My name is ThuptenKundol and I am 9 years old and in class 2. I comeromSolukhumbu. I miss my village friend Sinduli and I love him. My best friend’s name is Choga and he reads in class 2. We are in the same class.  


 My Aim in Life

Lobsang Phuntsok Class 7

Everyone must have an aim in life because life without an aim does not lead anywhere.  Even when we are of school age or younger, we must have an aim or we are like a car without a driver who cannot take passengers anywhere. If you study and attend class regularly but live without an aim, you are like a beggar on the street without any direction. An aimless person cannot succeed in his or her life. There are different sorts of aims eg some people want to be engineers, translators or Geshes. My aim is to become a teacher because a teacher is the only person who can serve others by sharing knowledge and joy. I don’t want to be a manager or businessman or Minister. They have wealth and power that makes them important but they fail to become good men and be as happy as teachers are. Because of that, I have made it my goal to be teacher and will succeed in the future. 


My Ambition

Losang Launchen

A man without ambition is useless. Everyone should have a purpose in life and s/he should be able to realise it. My ambition is not wealth and power but instead, I would like to serve my village by becoming a teacher. By doing this I will serve the poor families and teach them for free.  Poor families cannot pay their school fees. If my ambition is fulfilled, I can benefit my village and the children will become educated and even great people. That’s why I am studying hard because I know that we need this to become successful and successfully work for others.  


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