Prayers & Practices

Prayers and pujas are powerful methods to deal with difficulties in our lives, such as when facing sickness and death - our own and of those we love.

The knowledge that there is indeed something we can do for those we love, who are sick or dying, can be especially comforting during a time when we may feel helpless. 

Also at a time when we ourselves experience suffering, sickness, depression, anxiety, praying with a pure and sincere motivation can ease the unhappy mind and the sick body.

There are many prayers and practices which you can easily perform yourself at home, such as daily recitations of mantras, pujas such as Medicine Buddha Puja. Quite a few of these practices and prayers are in the Kopan Prayer book, or available in booklet form; some of the pujas are available as  a CD; all available from the Monastery Shop.

You can download the following prayers or practices for your private use

For the most up-to-date version, please visit FPMT Full Catalogue of Prayers and Practices.


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