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and help providing essential food  supplies for those in need


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and help providing essential food  supplies for those in need


Urgent Help is needed for Familes who are experiencing great hardship

Kopan Helping Hands, born out of the need to help those affected by the earthquake in 2015, is taking up another challenge, this time to help  those who have been directly and indirectly affected by the Corona virus in Nepal.                                  

First, Some Facts

You might have noticed that Nepal does not show in the list of countries with lots of infections and death by corona virus.  However, although Nepal has experienced only a small number of infections and no death,  the economic impact of the worldwide pandemic has been devastating for the people of Nepal.

The Nepali economy relies heavily on tourism and migrant workers earnings, but also as well on the small shops, factories, traders, that keep the local economy going. The lockdown has left thousands of people without a job, and after more than 3 months weeks of lockdown, no financial resources.

With the borders and the airport closed, there are no tourists coming in, with dire consequences for the all those employed in the tourism sector, including trekking and climbing guides, cooks in hotels and restaurants, drivers, taxis,cleaners, waiters, and more.

The Nepali Workers who had gone to other countries to earn a living are out of work, and therefor have no money to send financially support their families, who depend on this income for their daily needs such as paying the rent, school fees for their children, the bus and other essential.

Farmers are not able to sell their produce  because there is no transport to the markets, and quite often are forced to destroy their crops, leaving them with no money for their daily needs, and no savings for planting in the next season.Farmers who raise animals such as chickenare forced to kill themas they cannot bring them to the market, and cannot afford to continue feeding them.

In short, hundreds of thousands of people have been left left without income to provide for their daily needs.

The First Phase of the Project: 

Kopan is working with the local government in Kathmandu to identify families in need.  Kopan is also working with trusted local contacts  to identify poor elderly people living by themselves and families without any means of support. Additonally Kopan is supporting a public soup kitchen in Boudhanath with rice and dhal.

Food parcels consisting of rice, lentils, vegetable oil, and salt, all staple ingredients of a Nepali meal, are distributed to individually families. This will take care of the basic food needs for a while.  Around 500 local families have already received these support  packages.Last week 490 more familiesl received the food parcel, with more following soon. The food distribution is not limited to the Kathmandu Valley. More distributions are rranged in upper and lower Khumbu (Namche and Kumjung), as well as in Solu, the area around Pablu.

As long as the lockdown continues, and funds are available, the food distribution will continue.

The Next Phase of the Project

After the lock-down has been lifted, Kopan Helping Hands will focus on helping people with their education, medical expenses. The need is great. We will keep you up to date on next phase.

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Regular update of the food distribution

Latest New: Food parcels were sent to 38 families in the remote Rowaling area of Solu Khumbu on 18 June.
As of 18  June, a total of 2419 familes have received food parcel,
many thanks to all of you who have helped us with making this possible.

Date Number of families/organisation supplied
3 May 2020 500 families in local district supplied
3 May 2020 450 kg rice, 30 kg lentils, 10 litre oil supplied to public food kitchen
7 May 2020 98 families in Khumbu in Nepal received food parcels
8 May 2020 Distribution to 29 families in Sarnath/India
10 May 2020 Food and essential items for 37 families whose houses had burned down.
13 May 2020 Food distribution to 490 families in the Kapan village area
14 May 2020 Food was distributed to 25 families in Namche, Solukhumbu.
15 May 2020 277 families received food parcels in the sallerie area of  lower Solu
23 May 2020 71 families received food parcels in remote villages in Solu
2 June 2020 106 families received food parcels in 5 villages above Lukla
5 June 2020 194 families received food parcels at Khari Kola , Solukhumbu
10 June 2020 250 families in Nubri and Tsum received food parcels
13 June 2020 250 families in Varanasi India received food parcels
18 June 2020 38 Families in remote Rowaling received food parcels
18 June 2020 39 monk students in Rowaling received food parcels


Kopan Helping Hands is the charitable organization of Kopan Monastery


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