Guidelines for your Retreat


Long term retreaters are accommodated in Samten Khang, the special retreat house. Minimum length of retreat there is one month. Special allowances are made for retreaters staying longer.

For retreats of less than one month, rooms will be allocated in a quiet area of the property.

Please check the details of cost for accommodation and food on our visitors information.

1. Please discuss your schedule with our resident meditation teacher on arrival. The reception will set up an interview with one of our teachers on arrival. I

2. Do not leave the monastery grounds during the retreat unless it is absolutely essential, for example for a doctors visit or shopping for supply..

3.  Do not mingle with course students or monks. Remain in silence most of the day.

4. Do not invite anyone to your room - not even pets.

5. If you are doing strict retreat you can ask for food to be delivered to your room, or choose to collect your meals from the dining room.

6. Butter lamps are not allowed in the rooms, as they blackens the walls.Bring electric lights with you for your altar. Burn incense in the box provided.

7. Refrain from pinning or gluing pictures etc. on the wall or putting nails into the wall.  If you need to hang a thangka, ask the reception for help when setting up your room.

8. Your dress should be appropriate for a monastic environment - pants or long shorts and t-shirt are fine. 


Kopan Monastery
Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa

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