FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I come any time to start a meditation course

Courses are started at set dates during the year. Please check the course calendar for details.
Kopan Monastery does not arrange private courses, or individual instructions..

Can I arrive a few days before the course starts?

You are welcome to arrive two to three days before the course starts and also to stay on after the course finishes.
Make sure to inform us of your changed departure as soon after arrival as possible, to The charge for the extra days is for food and accommodation only.

How to book for a course

When you book for a course initially, all you need to do is send us a booking form from the course you have chose. It usually is a red box on the top of the page that says 'Register Here".
We will confirm your registration by return mail. There is no need to send a deposit at that time.
We will contact you closer to the start of the course and ask you to confirm your booking and to send us a deposit now. This deposit will be non-refundable.

i see a long list of recommended readings and i will not be able to read all before the course.

No need to read all the books on the list. They are recommendations only. If you can, pick one or two and try to read them or looks through them. It will help you to follow the course a bit better.
The recommended reading list is just for this course, but for your ongoing reading. future. Most of these books will be available in the Kopan library.

Is the course held in English?

The main language for all our courses is English, with translation from Tibetan to English provided if the teacher is Tibetan speaker.

Making a deposit for a course bookinging

At the time of booking, there is no need to pay a deposit.
Closer to the start of the course we will send you a reminder of your booking, asking you to confirm your booking and to make a deposit now.
We will supply a link to a payment form through which the deposit can be made.
Failure to confirm or to send a deposit will result in cancellation of your booking.
But don't worry, we will send you several reminders if we don't hear from you.

What kind of clothes should I bring

What clothes should I bring for the course?
Bring comfortable, casual clothes as you will be doing a lot of sitting on the floor (on cushions).
In summer light t-shirts and casual pants or skirts are cool and comfortable. Please remember to check our dress code,to be sure you bring the right things.
In winter, warm clothes are essential for the morning - when you meditate (or sit still for longer periods of time) you will need some warm jumpers, sweaters, shawls. Also warm socks and a hat are recommend. Go with the layering principle.
As the day warms up you shed the various layers of clothing. The locals wear warm shawls, a flexible piece of clothing with many uses.

Read more on what to bring here:

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