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Dear Friends,

On Thursday, April 13th, we shared the incredibly heart-breaking news that Lama Zopa Rinpoche stopped breathing and entered meditation at about 9.30am Nepal time.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche stayed in meditation for 2 days and on April 14 at 10 p.m, Rinpoche ended his meditation.

The embalming process has begun and will take several months.

Pujas continue to go on constantly at Kopan Monastery in Rinpoche's room.

Please continue trying to fulfil Rinpoche’s holy wishes, especially to practice impermanence and bodhicitta in the context of the lamrim.
Fulfilling the gurus’ holy wishes is a very important part of inviting the guru to return.

May Rinpoche be reborn as quickly as possible in a place where he can be very quickly recognized and be of most benefit to sentient beings.

Big love,

Kopan Monastery


Letter from Geshe Thupten Chonyi, Abbot of Kopan Monastery, to all who have a connection with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
on this sad occasion of the seventh date since Rinpoche's passing:

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The purpose of retreat is deepening the understanding of Dharma through intensive contemplation and integrating it into one's mind stream. Undisturbed by worldly activity, the mind has the opportunity to turn inward and explore the inner world.

Kopan supports experienced practitioners as well as beginners for retreat. 



"Retreat offers a situation where it is possible to fulfill our basic human potential and develop all the positive qualities within ourselves." Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Private retreat refers to solitary time to concentrate on your practice. Kopan provides a very blessed and inspiring environment for meditators looking for a peaceful retreat place. Kopan Monastery supports in particular retreats in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, such as Lam Rim retreat, Preliminary Practices such as water bowl offering, Dorje Khadro, etc and tantric retreats if you have the commitment. Preference is giving to students who have already attended a course or retreat at Kopan. 

important points 

1. If you are new to Buddhism, we recommend you first attend one of our introductory courses to create the base for your retreat. Following this, you can talk to our resident meditation teacher to seek advice on how to create a proper retreat schedule and what meditations to do.

2. Kopan does not have the facilities for Mindfulness or Vipassana retreats. We recommend that you contact the Burmese Center in Lumbini, which offers perfect facilities and support for this kind of retreat.

3. If you planning  to come for self-study, some time for reflection or similar, please book for a private stay.

4. Short retreats are for a minimum of 10 days. 

5. Long retreats for experienced Tibetan Buddhism students are for a maximum of 3 months.



Retreatants are normally accommodated in Retreat House - Samten Ling. Kopan Monastery has been blessed by many high lamas who did retreat here. Although it is not completely quiet, there is an atmosphere of stillness and peace that makes it very suitable for practice.

The Retreat House has apartment style accommodation, with a small kitchenette, a meditation room and a living room, at a cost of 20 US$ (including food) per day. For longer retreats than one month, a discount is available. The rooms are large enough for prostrations. 




You are requested to follow the general guidelines during your stay at Kopan.

Kopan's private retreat facilities include:

·       Peaceful retreat rooms  

·       Three vegetarian meals per day, safe drinking water

·       Excellent library

·       Meditation cushions, water bowls and other retreat supplies available

·       Friendly staff who will respect your retreat silence.

·       Spiritual and emotional support if needed.

·       Setting up boundaries and blessing the retreat room by experienced monks

·       Fire puja facilities and help with preparation of the retreat

Please note: Kopan does not offer self-catering facilities! Tea making facilities are provided.




Complete the Private Retreat Application here

The Monastery reserves the rights to ask students who do not follow the rules or prove in other ways to be disturbing to leave the monastery.




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Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa

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