Group Bookings

Kopan welcomes groups to join the regular introductory Dharma courses. Several international organizations have sent groups to the introductory course and found this very beneficial. 

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Here are some guidelines to help you make a decision if Kopan is the right place for your group.

1. Your group can join one of our regular courses. The Discovering Buddhism courses are most suitable for this and we will give preferential room booking for your group, provided you book (very) early.

2. Bookings from Buddhist groups are accepted for teachings or retreats at times when there are no other courses scheduled. Kopan will provide only accommodation and meals for your group. You are free to enjoy all the facilities, and the beautiful and peaceful spiritual environment. 

Please send us an email to explain the program of your group, the date when you are planning to come and the number of people, as well as the name of your teacher (if applicable), and we will let you know if we can accept your group. Please note: We only accept FPMT approved teachers to teach at Kopan.

3. If your group doesn't have a specific program, we recommend that your group can join our Daily Dharma Talks. You are then free to spend rest of the day following your own program, such as sightseeing, pilgrimage etc. This is only possible  during certain times, so please check on available dates.

4. We will expect your group to follow the rules of the monastery regarding dress code, showing respect to the monks, and to abide by the five precepts..

5. Late night arrivals, or late returns after outings in Kathmandu are not possible. The monastery gates close at 6 pm, and the gates are completly locked for the night at 9pm.

Kopan offers a spiritual program according to Buddhist Tradition and does not accept groups that do not follow this tradition.

Kopan does not accept yoga groups or tourist groups.  



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