FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I come and join the puja?

If you are in Nepal, you are welcome to join most of the pujas.
You will need to contact us for the date and time when the puja is performed.

Kopan is not able to send videos or photos of the puja.

How can I make payment for my puja?

Usually our puja section will send you an email to let you know which pujas have been recommended, together with a quote for the puja.

You can make payment through our website through this link:
http://develop.monasteryshop.org/prayers-pujas/make-a-puja-payment, which leads you to the donation/payment page of the FPMT, who handles payments on behalf of Kopan.

How will I know when the puja has been completed.

As soon as the puja has been completed we will send you an email.

Types of questions I can ask when requesting an observation.

When making an request for an observation, make sure to mention the name and age of the person who needs the puja. If you know their animal sign, that is also helpful.
Try to formulate the question so it can be answered with a yes or no. You can ask as many follow up questions as you like.
It is best to ask: What puja would be beneficial in this or that situation ( such as finding a job, help for a medical condition, family and relationship problems etc.) and describe the problem in as simple and clear terms as possible.

If you need help with making a decision regarding various option, please clearly state all the options.
For example: buying house, mention the address, including the city, of each house you have in mind.

If you want to check about which doctor or hospital or lawyer would be helpful, list the names with relevant details. Questions regarding the rebirth of a particular person, requests for predictions for the future and similar are usually now answered.

What is the purpose of making offerings?

The effectiveness of the puja is determined by several factors, one of the being the pure motivation of the persons performing the puja, another one is the amount of merit accumulated by making offering to sangha. In any puja this would be the offering of food in the form of breakfast. Additionally you can make an offering of cash to each monk (or nun) to increase the merit generated.
Merit is needed to have success, overcome obstacles to work and good health, all the things we are asking help for when we request a puja.
if you would like to make an offering of cash, you can inform us when you confirm the puja.

When I order a puja is it done immediately?

This depends on the pujas.
If it is one of the pujas that Kopan does on a regular basis, it will be done quickly.
Some pujas need special preparation and are done by specially trained monk, or they have to be done according to a special day in the Tibetan calendar.
We always try to let you know the date of the puja, but this is not always possible.

When will I feel the benefit of the pujas?

The benefit of a puja is not always obvious, and immediate. There might be subtle changing to the problem, new opportunities arising, a slight change in the general conditions that can bring about a solutions.
It might also take some time to become aware of a change.

Who performs the pujas?

Most of the pujas are performed during the morning prayers by all monks together.

Some pujas require special training and knowledge in rituals, and are performed by the senior monks.

Why are some pujas so expensive?

The cost of the pujas depends on how many people are participating, and on the substances (torma) or other offerings made during the puja.
Pujas that involve only a recitation of a short text need only a small offering. However if for example the 100,000 prayers of Tara are recited, the cost of the puja is for food for one day for all monks, and a small cash offering.
In general, the cost of breakfast and the torma makes up the cost.

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