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The main thing for success is to practice generosity, making offerings to the guru, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and practicing generosity and kindness toward sentient beings. ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The first Kopan monks ordained in 1971 in Lawudo.

In 1971 the first monks moved to Kopan, invited by the late Lama Yeshe and our spiritual director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. At that time life at Kopan was very, very basic. The monks slept in small damp rooms, on straw mattresses. Sickness from insects, and dirty water was very common.

Over the following years much work has been done to improve the living conditions for the monks, which were coming in increasing number. Several buildings were completed in the 1990 and in 2000 to accommodate the growing sangha community in a cleaner and healthier environment.  

Accommodation block of the young monks

Whereas previously washing happened on a tap outside the rooms, now there are more communal bathrooms and some senior monks even have private bathrooms. Conditions are still very difficult and improvement is necessary. The young monks live 4 to 5 to a small room, and quite a few of the senior monks share their accommodation with younger monks.

In 2010, Khensur Lama Lhundrup, our previous abbot,, expressed the wish that Kopan should offer accommodation and education facilities for a total of 500 monks.

During these degenerate times it is more and more important for young people to learn how to be a good human being, develop positive qualities such as patience, kindness, consideration for the needs of other, some understanding of morality and ethics. The teachings at the monastery, in the school as well as in monastic studies and communal communication, emphasize the development of these qualities.  Having the roots of these qualities planted in their minds and cultivating them during their time at the monastery, while living in the vows, they have a chance to be good people in the world, and at a minimum avoid during harm in the future.

In many cases, there are 4 - 5monks to a room

The present number of monks is 360, and it had been kept at this number for many years because of lack of rooms and facilities. There are many young boys who wish to enter the monastery.

Having more accommodation, the monastery will be able to accept them. Living as monks in vows, acting in the world as Dharma teachers, translators, or performing rituals wherever needed,  they will be ambassadors of compassion and kindness.

The proposed building site on the northern side of the property was never fully developed. The necessary infrastructure for project of this size, such as drainage, sewerage, and water and electricity supply had to be developed. This has now been completed, and the building can proceed. The plans, which are not finalized yet, are to build two accommodation blocks with a total of 45 – 50 rooms.   

We need your help and support to fulfill the wishes of our Guru to accept more monks into the monastery.In the donation page please select the designation Building Fund.  All donations to the building fund will be directed towards this important project. 

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