FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

November course

After I have registered, how long will it take for my place to be confirmed?

Once we have received your registration together with the deposit, we will let you know within two days that you have been registered and accepted into the course.

If you don't hear from us, it is possible, that the Kopan email is in your junk folder, or that your email address was not correct, and we can't reach you. In this case please contact us and check about your registration.

The processing of the application, allocating a registration number and confirming the amount of our deposit will take long - up to four weeks, because of the large number of application.

Can I register and pay my deposit later?

Sorry, for the November course, the correct deposit is compulsory. We will only accept registrations that are submitted with the full deposit of 100 US$.
If you did not send a deposit, you will not be registered.

Do I get the deposit back if I cancel before the course starts?

If you cancel before October 15, you will receive your deposit back, minus an administration fee of 25 US$.
After the15th October the deposit is non-refundable.
Kopan is always happy to give you a full credit for your deposit for any other course at kopan within the next year, or for the next November course.
After one year, no cash refund can be give.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

If you are staying in dormitory, or 4-bed room with shared bathroom, we recommend a sleeping bag. Most other rooms have quilts or blankets. You can also hire a blanket from the reception, or buy a quilted Nepali blanket, they are cheap (around 10$) and very warm.
If you are staying on in Nepal for trekking, a sleeping bag is essential in any case.

Do you have extra blankets?

There are some extra blankets available in our reception.
Because of the large number of people attending this course, there is only a limited supply of blankets. We strongly recommend that you bring a sleeping bag, if you are accommodated in a dormitory. You can hire sleeping bag in Kathmandu if your luggage does not allow you to bring one.

How can I register for the November course?

You can register for this course by completing the application form on the information page of the course (http://www.kopanmonastery.com/courses-retreats/courses/november-course/more-information)
We will confirm your registration and will contact you again closer to the time to confirm your attendance and request you to send a deposit.

I am an elderly person, and have trouble sitting on the floor.

Chairs are provided in the meditation hall for those who find it difficult to sit cross legged for a longer period of time, or have trouble with their back. Breaks during the teachings also offer the opportunity to stretch your body.

I am new to Buddhism, is the course suitable for me?

This course is suitable for both beginners and older students, although some basic understanding is helpful.
It is an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. During the course you will receive instructions on how to develop methods to develop your mind, and gain insight into your mind and your life, which will enable you to benefit yourself and others. The meditation techniques taught are analytical and contemplative, and a meditation teacher is always available or questions and personal guidance.

I can't sit on the floor.

There are chairs provided for those who have knee or back problems and can't sit on the floor. You can also bring your own sitting bench, if you have one.

In what language is the course held?

The main language for all our courses is English, with translation from Tibetan to English provided if the teacher is Tibetan speaker.

In the November course, French and Spanish translation is provided.

Is it okay to arrive a few days before the course starts?

You are welcome to arrive a few days before the course starts and also to stay on after the course finishes.
The accommodation for course participants is available from November 4th onwards.
You can stay on after the course, even if you do not participate in the one week Lam Rim Retreat.
You can book your stay after course during the course. The cost of extra days is for food and accommodation only, no extra charges.

What happens if I decide to leave early?

All course participants have three days grace after the start of the course, in which they can decide if this is the right thing for them or not.
If a course participant leaves within these three days, the course fee will be refunded minus an administration charge of 50 US$, and food and accommodation for the days you stayed at the monastery.

If you decide to leave the course later, a refund will be given for food part of the course fee.

What is the weather like in Nepal in November and December?

The weather during that time of the year is usually warm in the daytime, the nights and early mornings are cool to cold. In December the temperatures varies between 8 C at night and 15 C degree in the day. Occasionally it rains. The coldest months of the year are January and February, while the weather warms up considerably during March.
for more information on the weather, please check this link:
14. When I book my accommodation, how sure can I be that I really get it?
Accommodation for course participants is allocated according to registration number, and availability on the basis of the three options you were asked to give. There is no guarantee that you will get the room of your choice, especially in heavily booked courses.
For the November course, room allocation is done in the last week before the course starts, as only then we can be sure about the actual participants.

To have a better chance in getting the room of your choice, we suggest that you select from a wider range of rooms. Putting one choice in all three options does not help.

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