- How do I find more information about courses? 
Kopan Monastery offers courses throughout the whole year. Please check the course calendar for details, dates and costs. We don't arrange private courses or individual instructions.
- How to make a booking?
Go to our course calendar page, choose the course you are after and lick LEARN MORE. There is red box in each course page that says 'Register Here", click there. You will receive an automatic reply confirming we have received your booking. Two weeks before the course starts you will receive an email with information on how to make a non-refundable deposit, with the deposit your booking will be completely confirmed. You can pay the rest of the course upon arrival. We accept Nepalese Rupees, US$ and credit cards.
- Can I arrive a few days before the start of the course?
Yes, you are welcome to arrive one or two days before the course starts. There is an an extra charge for food and accommodation for these days, click here to find out.
- Can I stay a few days after the end of a course?
Yes, you can stay one or two days after the course finishes. There is an an extra charge for food and accommodation for these days, click here to find out.
- Can I leave a few days before the end of a course?
We normally ask our students to attend a whole course.
Can I arrive one or two days later once a course has started?
We ask students to arrive before the course starts, we don't take late comers, sorry.
- Can I do two or more courses on a row?
Yes, you are most welcom to. You can stay at Kopan between courses, there is an extra charge for those days, please click here for get more information.
- Can I share a room with my wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend?
Males and females are accommodated in different rooms in our Monastery.
- What kind of clothes should I bring?
Bring comfortable, casual clothes as you will be doing a lot of sitting on the floor on cushions. In summer light t-shirts and casual pants or skirts are cool and comfortable. In winter, warm clothes are essential for the morning - when you meditate (or sit still for longer periods of time) you will need some warm jumpers, sweaters, shawls. Also warm socks and a hat are recommend. Go with the layering principle. As the day warms up you shed the various layers of clothing. The locals wear warm shawls, a flexible piece of clothing with many uses. Check our dress code, to be sure you bring the right things.

- How do I get to Kopan?
Click here, to find information about arriving to Nepal, how to get to Kopan, visas, money, etc.


- Can I do a retreat at Kopan?
For retreat information please click here. Short retreats are for a minimum of 10 days. Long retreats for experienced Tibetan Buddhism students are for a maximum of 3 months.
- I'm new to Buddhism, can I do a retreat?
If you are new to Buddhism, we recommend you first attend one of our introductory courses to create the base for your retreat. Following this, you can talk to our resident meditation teacher to seek advice on how to create a proper retreat schedule and what meditations to do.
- Can I do a Mindfulness or Vipassana retreat?
Kopan does not have the facilities for Mindfulness or Vipassana retreats. We recommend that you contact the Burmese Center in Lumbini, which offers perfect facilities and support for this kind of retreat.
- Cand I do a self-study retreat?
If you planning  to come for self-study, some time for reflection or similar, please book for a private stay.




- Can I stay at Kopan for a few days?
Guests are welcome to stay at Kopan only during the Private Stay periods, click here to find out about the dates & costs.
- Can I stay at Kopan for just one night?
We don't offer overnight options, guests can stay a minimum of 3 nights during Private Stay periods, click here to find out about Private Stay dates & costs.
- Can I share a room with my wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend?
Males and females are accommodated in different rooms in our Monastery.
- How many beds are in a large dormitory?
It has 6 to 8 beds

Meals - Special Diets

- Do you offer vegan, gluten free options?
Sorry, the kitchen is not able to cater for special dietary needs, such as no-wheat, no-dairy, lactose or gluten free diet. The wide variety of food offered gives plenty of choices for everybody.
We have a cafe where you can get different options. For more meals information click here.


- What currency do you accept for payments
We accept Nepalese Rupees, US$ and credit cards. There is an ATM just outside our monastery.

Long Term Stays

- Can I stay at your monastery for a long period of time and be part of your community? 
Students can attend courses or do their own retreat. We don't take long term guests.

Short day visits

- Can I come to Kopan and visit your monastery for the day?
Yes, you can come for a day visit. Our gates are opened from 9am to 5pm. Click here to find out things to do at Kopan.


- What is a puja?
You can find information about what is a puja and how to order one here.
- Can I attend a puja at Kopan?
Yes, our monks perform a puja everyday at 5.30am.


- Can I volunteer at Kopan?
We appreciate your kind thought, Kopan employs locak staff and don't take volunteers. Thank you.

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