Private Retreats

"Retreat offers a situation where it is possible to fulfill our basic human potential and develop all the positive qualities within ourselves." Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Private retreat refers to a solitary time, to concentrate on your practice.

Kopan provides a very blessed and inspiring environment for experienced meditators looking for a peaceful retreat place.  Kopan Monastery supports in particular retreats in the Tibetan tradition, such as Lam Rim retreat, preliminary practices (such as water bowl offering, Dorje Khadro) and tantric retreats (if you have the commitment). Preference  is giving to students who have already attended course or retreats at Kopan.

Serious practitioners following the Tibetan Tradition with retreat commitments (up to three month) are welcome.

All private retreaters will have an interview with one of our teachers before the start of the retreat to discuss the retreat schedule.

Thinking about retreat?

Please consider the points below before sending your retreat application:

1. If you  are new to Buddhisms, we recommend that you first attend one of our introductory courses to create the base for the retreat. Following this,  you are welcome to talk to our resident meditation teacher on advice about doing a follow-up retreat.

2. At the moment we only accept retreat applications for experienced student for a minimum of 14 days.

3. Kopan does not have the facilities for Mindfulness or Vipassana retreat.  We recommend that you contact the Burmese Center in Lumbini, which offers perfect facilities and support for this kind of retreat:

4. If you planning  to come for self-study, writing, some time for reflection or similar, please book for a private stay.

Please click here for more information on retreat and how to apply.


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