transforming emotions

20 TO 27 March 2023  




How often have you been caught in a trap because your emotions got the better of you? We want to be happy, but over and over again, disturbing emotions get in the way. Why does this happen? Learn how Buddhism phsychology can help you to work and transform your emotions, so you can be an emotionally mature, calm and clear person.

From the Buddhist perspective, we are not victims of our world. Buddhism teaches that the world is something created by our own ideas, thoughts and actions. By being aware of our thinking patterns we recognized that have choices and can change our perception of the world and our reactions.

Usually we put the root of our problems outside ourselves, onto others - now we are asked to look inside and find new ways to develop inner peace and quality relationships.


Details of the course

COURSE DATE: 20 to 27 March 2023

COURSE TEACHER: Ven Tenzin Choden


The course fee includes food, accommodation in single room/private bath and a free book.

Check-in for the course is at 3.00 pm on 20 March. The first session is at 5.30 pm, please make sure to be here at that time.

You are welcome to come one or two days earlier, and leave one or two days later.

Our reception opens at 9 am and closes at 5.30 pm, arrivals are due to be done only within these times. Please bare this in mind and the necesarry PCR test for your travel arrangements.

The course concludes on 27 March with lunch.

Your daily schedule begins at 6.45 am and finishes at 9 pm.

Participants are required to attend all session, attendance to all sessions is compulsory.

Silence is kept from 9 pm till after lunch the next day.

Mobile phones and other internet connectable gadgets need to be checked in at the reception for the duration of the course. Read more on course discipline.

During your stay at Kopan, please follows our strict dress code. Check if you are dressed appropriately for a monastic environment.


Covid Policy 

- You do not need to be vaccinated. 

- Please get a PCR test done in Nepal before coming to Kopan. PCR results in Nepal take 6hrs. We will send more information two weeks before the course starts with further details.

- Bring a rapid test (RAT) with you in case of necesary future testing.

- You will not be allowed to leave the monastery during your stay.

- We recommend medical insurance - Medical services in Nepal if required are expensive for foreigners.


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