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Helping the local population with affordable medical care

The Maya Daya Clinic, situated in the local village at the foot of the Kopan hill, was established in 1991 by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to provide health care services to the villages close to Kopan monastery.

It is open three days a week, and served by a doctor, a nurse and two Kopan monks who look after the administration and pharmacy. Since opening its doors to the local population, Maya Daya has served thousands of patients.  In addition to offering general health care, the clinic also provides a venue for health education, vaccination and pre- and post-natal health care

At the time of its inception, the health care situation in Nepal in general and in the local area was very poor. This has improved over the past ten years. However for the poorer section of the population it is still difficult to afford the health care offered in the mostly private and therefore expensive clinics and hospitals. These people who have no health insurance, pension or other government help  find that taking care of their health can be out of reach task, and they turn to Maya Daya Clinic for help.

Mayadaya Clinic also arranges outreach health camps in neighboring villages which are always well attended.

Maya Daya Clinic charges only the cost of a token (approximately 10 US cents) for a consultation with the doctor. The medicine dispensed is subsidized as well as the cost of the simple lab tests provided. This makes the cost to the patient very affordable.

Please help us to continue providing these essential services to the local population.


donate here to keep Maya Daya Clinic open for the local poor population

  • Low cost medicines and lab services
  • Wages for the doctor, nurse and lab technician
  • More diagnostic equipment
  • Regular supplies of medical instruments

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*Maya Daya Clinic is a social welfare project funded by Kopan Monastery.

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