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Khachoe Ghakyil Ling has been able to take care of its resident nuns, improve continuously the education program and upgrade its facilities due to the kindness of benefactors and concerned sponsors who are holding the nunnery at their heart.

 At the same time, the nunnery has very few sources of reliable income, an essential ingredient for financial security.

Donations for prayers and pujas is growing. There are always many requests for Tara pujas, the recitation of the 21 Tara praises, the reading of sutras sutras for the local as well as the international community. 

The Pure Land Incense factory, established in 1997, is increasingly successful and is now contributing towards the general expenses of the nunnery. The Tibetan-style incense is hand-made by the nuns and has become very popular. It is available in a variety  of fragrances and presentation, and sold internationally as well as through the Monasteryshop, an online shop associated with Kopan and the Nunnery.

International tours arranged on a yearly basis by centers and benefactors all over the world also help to pay the bills.

The income received is not enough to cover all expenses . Running cost are very high - there is maintenance of the buildings and facilities, electricity, water, administration, simple repairs, and more. Because of the intermittent electricity supply and sometimes blackouts of eight hours or more, a generator was purchased to secure the electricity supply in the evenings and early mornings, to continue the normal activities of daily life; but the fuel costs are high.

Education costs are ever increasing.  As the cost of living increases, wages of the teachers need to be increased as well.

This financial insecurity is a great hindrance to the development of the nunnery and the community. 

We need your help to make the nunnery financially more secure.

Make a donation to any of the items below, and be sure that your donation is used in the best possible way to support the nuns community.


Each donation will be personally acknowledged and announced to the community during pujas,  with prayers performed for the benefactor.

Kopan Monastery
(Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa)

Kopan Monastery is affiliated with FPMT
(Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition)