Private Stay

Private Stay is only possible during a time when no courses are held. The length of your stay is determined by the course calendar.  

Please do not send bookings for other dates, as we will not be able to accept them.
The dates below are available for a Private Stay   

Private Stay in 2018

  • April 18 - 25
  • July 16 - 26
  • October 15 - 27

Private stay dates are reviewed on a monthly basis. Please check our website frequently for updates.

*The minimum stay is three nights - sorry, we do not accept overnight stays.

*Please note that accommodation at Kopan is segregated for men and women, and it is not possible for couples to share a room.

During your stay we request you to follow our general guidelines. Read the  general guidelines here.  Please take note of our stric dress code.

Check-in for Private Stay is stricly only between 9 am - 4 pm Sunday to Friday and  9 am - 11am on Saturdays..

The reception is closed on Satruday afternoon.

Things to do during your visit

During  your stay, join our popular Daily Dharma Talks offered Monday to Friday from 10 – 11.30 am for an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism in an informal setting.

Feel free to attend the morning prayers of the monks, use our extensive library, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful environment.  

Visit the Kopan nunnery down the hill; check out the incense factory and have a cup of tea with the nuns.  Find more on things to do at Kopan here

Families with children are welcome for a private stay. Children  need to be under parental supervision at all times. Kopan does not provide child care services.

Kopan does not offer self-catering facilities.  The Kopan Café can help with special food requests.

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Kopan Monastery
(Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa)

Kopan Monastery is affiliated with FPMT
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