September  9 - 19, 2018

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Tara represents the wisdom and compassion of all the enlightened beings in a female form. Meditating on Tara is a very powerful way to identify and connect with our own inner potential for wisdom and compassion. It also helps to eliminate obstacles to the spiritual path and to being able to work for others.

Jimi Neal, a senior student, experienced meditator and teacher is leading this retreat. He is well know for his ability to make the retreat a meaningful experience for all participants.

About the Retreat

The basis of the retreat is a Sadhana based on the Guru Yoga of Cittamani Tara written by Lama Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.

The six daily sessions include four session on the sadhana, one session on the lam rim and  a concluding session on Lojong (mind training)

Read the detailed description of the retreat here

Requirements to join the retreat

Tantric retreats are most suitable for those who are Buddhist (having formally taken Refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), have taken the Bodhisattva Vows and have received a Green Tara Initiation. However, our Green Tara retreat is also suitable for those who might not be ready to make these commitments usually involved with a tantric retreat. The very basic requirements are:

  • You must be familiar with the Lam Rim (the Graduated Path to Enlightenment) and have attended at least one introductory course in Tibetan Buddhism (at Tushita, Kopan, Root Institute or an equivalent Lam Rim course).
  • Know about Green Tara practice and have a deep wish and/or commitment to doing this practice, which includes Guru Yoga and many prayers and practices.

Students on Tantric Retreats are required to follow our general discipline guidelines, as well as the special retreat guidelines as detailed by the retreat leader.

Retreat Date: September 9 - 19

Check in for the retreat  at 3 pm in the afternoon of the first day (9th September). The retreat starts in the evening of the 9th September and concludes after breakfast on the 19th.

Retreat Leader: Jimi Neal


Born in 1948 in Italy to American parents, Jimi was raised in America and attended the University of Southern California. He first came to India in 1971-72, and in 1974 met Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa at Kopan Monastery, Nepal. He was ordained by Lama Yeshe at Tushita in 1980. A monk for 15 years, Jimi divided his time between Nalanda Monastery in France, and India. Since disrobing, Jimi has lived permanently in Dharamsala/India . He began teaching in 1992 and has taught at various buddhist centers all over the world since then..

Cost of the Retreat:  200 US$

This includes food, accommodation in dormitory and course fee.
Please note: For accommodation other that dormitory you will be charges an additional fee.
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