FPMT Basic Program at Kopan

Basic Program 2018

June 17 - July 21


The Basic Program modules in 2018 will be taught again by Ven. Fedor Stracke, who has been teaching the BP program at Kopan for the past ten years. Applications for these three modules are now accepted. Please check the downloadable application form below.

A block of three modules is offered over 35 days. (Sorry it is  not possible to attend one or two of the modules only)

The teaching dates in this  schedule include teachings days,  exam days and free days.


Module Description

The Wheel of sharp Weapons

Lama Zopa Rinpoche said:  'Mind transformation techniques are indispensable for having success in dharma practice.'

Everybody experiences obstacles and problems and if one is not able to transform these into conducive conditions for dharma then one's practice will inevitably be derailed. But if one is able to transform all conditions into the path then one will complete the accumulation of merit and wisdom fast. One will become like the Peacock that can eat poisonous plants and be able to transform that what is poison for others into spiritual nourishment.

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons is one of the major texts explaining mind training techniques. This course includes the topics of karma, counteracting self-cherishing and developing wisdom.

Date: June 17 - 23


Sublime Continuum: The Three Jewels and The Tatagata Essence

'Everybody can attain enlightenment'

This is the message of the first chapter of Maitreya's Sublime Continuum. Replete with rich poetic imagery and metaphor it relates a profound and refined vision of the Tathagata Essence. It clarifies the meaning of our buddha potential, in particular the emptiness of the mind, which allows evolution to a state of complete enlightenment.

This text identifies also the three Buddhist objects of refuge that one needs to rely upon to manifest the resultant four bodies: the buddha jewel, the dharma jewel and the sangha jewel.

This text also identifies also the three Buddhist objects of refuge that one needs to rely upon to manifest the resultant four bodies the Buddha Jewel, the Dharma Jewel and the Sangha Jewel, which are the other main topic of this module.

Date: June 24 - July14


Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth

Even though we say that in life there are two things that are certain, namely death and taxes, in the end it is only our death, and that we move onto another life, about we can be absolutely certain.

The moment of our death is the most crucial of our life, as our mental state during the death process determines our rebirth.For the unprepared person death can be very difficult, but for the prepared person death can even be the opportunity for great spiritual development.

In this course we study and meditate on the different stages of the death process, called the eight stages of dissolution, as well as the three levels of consciousness explained in the teachings of the Buddha, so as to become familiar with them. We are also looking at the process of the intermediate state and rebirth.

Death, Intermediate State and rebirth are called the three basic bodies, because they are the bases that are later transformed through meditation into the three bodies of a buddha.

This module is an almost essential preparation for the Tantric Stages and Paths module scheduled for 2019

Date: July 15 - 21


Other information

Arrival Day

You should have checked in at kopan latest on the 16 June in the afterboon. Mostly likley there will be a meeting in the evening of that day, with a short introduction by Ven. Fedor.

Daily Schedule

The day starts with morning meditation at 6.30 am and will finish around 9 pm. The day will be divided into different sessions of meditations for the accumulation of merit and purification, on the stages of the path and on the topics of the text, teaching and discussion sessions, self study, and debate, and thus include all the four factors needed to generate insight and progress along the path. A more detailed schedule will be made available at a later date.


Exams are held every week, to help prepare the student for the final exam at the end of the module. To pass the exam, the knowledge of the students will be taken into consideration as well as other factors such as attendance, discipline and behavior. Having completed exams on the nine core subjects is the prerequisite to attend the final exam of the Basic Program. To receive this certificate, all modules have to be attended, and the required exams have to be passed.

Cost of the Retreat

The Basic Fee for this course is 590 US$, starting with dinner on the 16th June and ending with lunch on the 21 July.

This fee includes all food, accommodation in standard double rooms with private facilities on a share basis, the course fee and administration fee. The course fee covers all course material, as well as the travel expenses for the teacher.


Accommodation will be provided in standard double rooms with private facilities on a share basis.

Single rooms are available at extra charge on application. The number of single rooms is limited.

There is no dormitory, or rooms with share bathrooms  available for this course.

How to  Apply

To apply for the course, please  complete the application form through the link below.

Arrival date: You are required to be here for the introductory session in the evening of June 16. It is not possible to join the course at a later date.

Click here to download the application form and email your application form as attached file to Kopan Monastery office

Ven. Fedor will inform you if your application has been acceptedand your course participationis confirmed. Closer to the time of the start of the retreat, you will be asked to send a non-refundable deposit and confirm your attendance.

Final payment of the retreat  will be required on arrival.

Short Biography of Ven. Fedor

Ven. Fedor Stracke has been a Buddhist monk since 1988 and has spent the last 25 years studying the Dharma with various masters, teaching the dharma in different FPMT centers, translating various Tibetan texts and interpreting for his teachers.

He received many teaching from masters in Kopan Monastery, Nalanda Monastery and Sera Monastery as well as different FPMT dharma centers. In Sera Monastery he followed the Geshe Program for many years. During his time in India he attended many extensive teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. At present he is resident teacher in AryaTara Institute in Germany and teaching the Basic program there as well as at Kopan Monastery.

Read more here about the  FPMT Basic Program



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