FPMT Basic Program 2017

FPMT Basic Program at Kopan presents


An Intensive Study Retreat

Based on a  Text composed by Shantideva - an 8th century Buddhist Monk and Scholar

Date:  July 18 - August 31

Teacher:  Ven. Fedor Stracke

Course Description

The Bodhisattvacharyavatara, or Introduction to the Bodhisattva Actions, written by the great bodhisattva Shantideva, elucidates the generation of the mind of enlightenment, on the basis of an elaborated seven limb practice to purify karma and accumulate merit, as well as the practice of the six perfections: generosity, ethics, patience, enthusiasm, stable contemplation and wisdom.

Over 6 1/2 weeks we are going to go through the ten chapters of this text, studying and contemplating the subject matter of this text intensely in a retreat situation.

Daily Schedule

The day starts with morning meditation at 6.30 am and will finish around 9 pm. The day will be divided into different sessions of meditations for the accumulation of merit and purification, on the stages of the path and on the topics of the text, teaching and discussion sessions, self study, and debate, and thus include all the four factors needed to generate insight and progress along the path. A more detailed schedule will be made available at a later date.


Exams are held every week, to help prepare the student for the final exam at the end of the module. To pass the exam, the knowledge of the students will be taken into consideration as well as other factors such as attendance, discipline and behavior. Having completed exams on the nine core subjects is the prerequisite to attend the final exam of the Basic Program. To receive this certificate, all modules have to be attended, and the required exams have to be passed.

Cost of the Retreat

The Basic Fee for this course is 700 US$

This fee includes all food, accommodation in standard double rooms with private facilities, and the course and administration fee. The course fee covers all course material, as well as the travel expenses for the teacher.


Accommodation will be provided in standard double rooms with private facilities on a share basis.

No dormitory or 4 bedroom with shared bathrooms are available for this course.

Single rooms are available at extra charge on application. The number of single rooms is limited.

How to  Apply

To apply for the course, please  complete the application form through the link below.

Arrival date: You are required to be here for the introductory session in the evening of July 18. It is not possible to join the course at a later date.

Click here to download the application form and email your application form as attached file to Kopan Monastery office

Ven. Fedor will inform you if your application has been acceptedand your course participationis confirmed. Closer to the time of the start of the retreat, you will be asked to send a non-refundable deposit and confirm your attendance.

Final payment of the retreat  will be required on arrival.

Short Biography of Ven. Fedor

Ven. Fedor Stracke has been a Buddhist monk since 1988 and has spent the last 25 years studying the Dharma with various masters, teaching the dharma in different FPMT centers, translating various Tibetan texts and interpreting for his teachers.

He received many teaching from masters in Kopan Monastery, Nalanda Monastery and Sera Monastery as well as different FPMT dharma centers. In Sera Monastery he followed the Geshe Program for many years. During his time in India he attended many extensive teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. At present he is resident teacher in AryaTara Institute in Germany and teaching the Basic program there as well as at Kopan Monastery.

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