How we create our world

A Buddhist  view on how our mind creates our experiences.

With Ven Tsultrim (Carla Pearse)

August 16 - 26

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Mind creates both samsara and nirvana. Yet there is nothing much to it -- it is just thoughts. Once we recognize that thoughts are empty, the mind will no longer have the power to deceive us. But as long as we take our deluded thoughts as real, they will continue to torment us mercilessly, as they have been doing throughout countless past lives. To gain control over the mind, we need to be vigilant, constantly examining all our thoughts, words, and actions.                             -- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

This course is all about 'deconstructing our reality'.

Buddha taught that our own mind is the creator of our experiences. Our perceptions lead us towards a multitude of actions of of our body speech and mind - our experiences. Some of these will be beneficial, useful, thoughtful. A multitude of them might just  ‘lead us up the garden path’ as the saying goes. How do these perceptions come about? Is there another way to see yourself, and others, to experience the world and the people in it?

The first part of this course introduces you to Buddhist principles, such karma, the mind and its potential, Buddha nature. The second part presents the possibilities that human intelligence offers for a more peaceful, happy mind, using mindfulness, practical mind training techniques and meditation.

The course includes two days of guided meditation and mindfulness exercises in complete silence.

This course is especially recommended for people who have done any one of Ven. Tsultrim’scourses previously or have already some a good understanding of Basic Buddhist principles.

Course dates:    August 16 - 26

Course Leader: Ven Tsultrim (Carla Pearse)

Course Fee:  160 US$

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Course Details

Check-in for the course is 3.30 pm on the first day, but you are welcome to come earlier. The course concludes with lunch on the last day. 

All courses are residential with accommodation and food provided.

Participants are required to attend all sessions. Silence is kept from 10 pm till after lunch the next day to help to keep the mind focused on the course.  The daily schedule includes sessions of meditation, teachings and discussion groups. The course leaders as well as the Tibetan lamas of the monastery, are available for personal guidance. 

Discipline is an essential aspect in training the mind and changing habits. The benefit from attending this course and of your stay at Kopan will be greatly enhanced by following the course discipline. Please note that attendance at all sessions is compulsory. Read more on Course Discipline here.

In alll our courses: all phones and other gadgets that are connectable to the internet need to be checked in on arrival. Strict phone silence is  mandatory. Private phone lines are available for emergency calls.

During your stay at Kopan, please follows our strict dress code. Check if you are dressed appropriatly for a monastic environment.


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