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 July 4 - 11                                                

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This course, part of our Discover Buddhism series - is perfect for beginners, and is specially scheduled for those wishing to join the Mind Training course from July 16 - 25 2017. More details about this course to be posted soon.
It provides an overview over Tibetan Buddhism, and introduces you to its fundamental principles.  Learning how to apply these principles to your life makes the teachings very meaningful. The course also introduces you to the different types of meditation that can be used to calm the mind.
The Discovering Buddhism courses form the foundation for other, more advanced programs and is a requirement for the intermediate courses and some retreats. The courses are led by Western Sangha with daily teachings from a Tibetan Lama.
If you are interested in Buddhism, or experience problems in your life such as uncontrolled emotions, or dissatisfaction, this course will give you some skills to address these problems and make your life more fulfilling and meaningful. In the process you will meet like minded people and make new friends - friends that have shared your experience, and will provide support on the path.
Details of the course
Check-in for the course is 3.30 pm on the first day, but you are welcome to come earlier. The course concludes with lunch on the last day. 
All courses are residential with dormitory accommodation and food provided.
Your daily schedule begins at 6.30 am and finishes at 9 pm with the evening meditation. Participants are required to attend all sessions. Silence is kept from 10 pm till after lunch the next day to help to keep the mind focused on the course.  The daily schedule includes sessions of meditation, teachings and discussion groups. The course leaders as well as the Tibetan lamas of the monastery, are available for personal guidance.
Discipline is an essential aspect in training the mind and changing habits. The benefit from attending this course and your stay at Kopan will be greatly enhanced by following the course discipline.  Read more on Course Discipline here.

Course Teacher

Ven Kabir Saxena has been a monk and teacher for more than 25 years.He is  teaching this course together with David Marks, an experienced meditation teacher.

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7 Day Course: USD 90   All inclusive

Included in cost of course: meals, accommodation in dormitory, and course material.

Please note: if you choose accommodation other than dormitory, a charge will apply for the room of your choice. Please check the prices of our rooms here.

Kopan Monastery
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