karma and emptiness

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Changing our attitude: Karma isn’t about fate or destiny. Karma is the good and bad actions that lead to good and bad experiences. These actions, in turn, come from good and bad states of mind, therefore the Buddha taught that our own mind is the creator of our suffering and happiness.  By understanding how the law of actions and their results works and applying these insights in our lives, we can learn to change our habitual patterns and our often self-destructive and self-centered ways of thinking and behaving. In this way, we can take charge of our life and generate a more positive and enlightened attitude.

Changing our perspective: The Buddha also taught that the very root of our problems is the ignorance that misconceives how we and everything else exists.  This ignorance perpetuates suffering without end until we develop the wisdom realizing emptiness. The wisdom that allows us to see things as they really are, completely frees us from the bondage of our karma and destructive emotions, enabling us to achieve our full potential of a totally enlightened altruistic being.

In this course we will look at karma and emptiness in the context of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. The course will include several sessions of meditation a day as well as time for discussion with fellow students and the teacher.


Course Date: February 16 - 23

Course Leader: Ani Joan

Course Cost: 150 US$

The course starts at 5pm on 16 February and finishes with lunch on 23 February

Check in time is 3pm on the first day. The course fee includes all meals, accommodation in dormitory and course material.

This is an intermediate course and you are expected to be familar with Buddist terms and concepts. Having cxompleted a ten day or seven day introductory course at Kopan Monastery or Tushita Dharamsala wlll fully qualify you for this course.

Please note: Rooms other than dormitory are charged according to the price as advertised.

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